Spring Plumbing Maintenance

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Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Plumbing System Running Smoothly

We all have our spring-cleaning routines to work through this year. We clean out our closets, deep-clean the carpets, and more to keep us going the rest of the year. However, no matter how in-depth our cleaning routines are, most of us neglect to include our plumbing systems in our yearly ritual.

To avoid having to deal with inconvenient plumbing repairs later, our licensed experts recommend adding the following to your spring cleaning to-do-list. These simple steps can keep your plumbing system functioning effectively and efficiently, so you won’t have to worry about it for quite a while!

Take a Minute to Check for Leaks

Checks your toilets, faucets, and fixtures for any leaks. This includes taking a look at the water lines connected to your fridge, washing machine, and dishwasher to make sure there’s no strange bulges or spots where excess water could be escaping. Don’t forget to check any exposed pipes you may have as well; look in places like under your sink!

Make Sure Your Water Heater is in Working Order

Your water heater puts in a lot of hard work over the winter months, and spring is the perfect time to give it a much-needed checkup to make sure it’s still in fighting shape. Make sure your water heater isn’t exhibiting any big warning signs, like strange noises or rusted water. Then, check the manufacturer’s sticker near the top of your unit for the make and model and check online to see what the recommended maintenance is. If your unit is over 10 years old, it might be time to call our water heater replacement team for a new model.

Test Out Your Sump Pump

Sump pumps protect your cellar or basement from disastrous flooding when the spring rains arrive, so it’s important to make sure yours is still fit for the job. Pour a few buckets of water onto the pump to make sure it’s turning on and operating properly. If it’s not, contact our team right away for fast, effective repairs!

Clean Your Drains, Gutters, and Downspouts

Pour a gallon or so of water down any infrequently used drains to clean out the traps and prevent unpleasant smells. If any drains in your house are clogged, now is also a great time to clean them out using drain cleaner.

Don’t forget your outside drains too! Gutters and downspouts should get any leaves they’ve accumulated cleaned out so they can do their job when it starts raining.

If you run into any clogs, leaks, or issues that need professional attention, our licensed plumbers are always ready to help you get your home ready for whatever life throws at you!
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