Spring Plumbing Maintenance Tips

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With the change of seasons comes natural adjustments in your home, like using your heating less, opening up the windows to enjoy the fresh air, and your yearly spring cleaning. This time of year can also be a great time to take a look at your plumbing system, especially after a hard winter.

Plumb Right has provided some helpful tips for Minneapolis residents to keep in mind this spring as they consider their plumbing maintenance plan.

Add Your Plumbing System to Your Spring Cleaning

Your indoor plumbing is probably a big part of your spring cleaning plan. You may plan to clean up bathrooms, garages, basements, and other areas where your plumbing system runs through. If you want to start the new season off right, make sure to take these key spring plumbing tips into consideration!

  • Take care of any “winter melt” – Any remaining ice or snow may start to finally defrost, which can result in large pulls of water sitting on or around your pipes that weren't there before. Keep an eye out for leaks and other issues that may spring up during this “melt.”
  • Check for winter damage – Now that the snow and ice are finally gone, you may be able to spot problems or damage caused to your pipes, such as cracks, broken connections, or other issues. Make sure those issues are resolved before your plumbing kicks into high gear for the spring!
  • Clean out your sump pump – Try running a cycle of vinegar mixture through your sump pump to wipe out any potential bacteria, mildew, or mold that built up in the cold. This can also help you check that your system is working fine.
  • Clear out dusty drains – Have drains that haven’t been used much this winter? You can pour a gallon of hot water down them to check for any potential clogs, debris, or buildup that may have occurred over the winter.
  • Give your basement pipes an inspection – Before kicking your system into high gear for the spring, carefully check any exposed pipes in the basement, under sinks, or outside for any cracks or damages that could have developed due to freezes or extreme weather.

If you want to make sure your plumbing system is fully good to go for spring, you can call on one of our Minneapolis plumbers to schedule professional spring plumbing maintenance! We can provide helpful tips on how to regularly maintain your system throughout any season.

Give us a call today if you’d like to schedule maintenance!

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